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I first started making conceptual art because I wanted to find an outlet to express my unique experiences as a Nigerian black woman of colour, schooling abroad. Most of my work is focused on socio-political issues in Nigeria or in western countries such as the UK and the USA. Some topics I have covered in my work include feminism, female genital mutilation, and racism. I plan to study Psychology next year at Dartmouth University, I will always continue to make art as it is part of who I am.

Marissa Onwuka
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The Last Adam

This piece is called ‘The Last Adam’ It is centred around the idea of the moral deconstruction of man and society. The necrotic organs falling out of the abdomen signify the loss and decay of humanity. The unatuaral toned hands crawling out the body signify the birth of evil. This combined with the figures pose signifies that that this is a painful process that involves inner conflict. I was inspired by my frustration at the fact that people genuinely don’t care about the issues in the world unl