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I first started making conceptual art because I wanted to find an outlet to express my unique experiences as a Nigerian black woman of colour, schooling abroad. Most of my work is focused on socio-political issues in Nigeria or in western countries such as the UK and the USA. Some topics I have covered in my work include feminism, female genital mutilation, and racism. I plan to study Psychology next year at Dartmouth University, I will always continue to make art as it is part of who I am.

Marissa Onwuka
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Little Lamb

This piece is centered around the socio-political issues in Nigeria. In particular how the incompetence and greed of politicians has led to innocent people being hurt as the consequence. On the left is President Buhari who made many empty promises during his campaign only to not follow through. He is blind to represent foolishness. In the center is a starving child with a crown of thorns, which evokes religious themes. In particular the idea of an innocent being made to pay for the sins of other