Racheal Adeoti's Speech

A piece of paper with a few dollar signs on it, sporting entertainment and a culture heavily associated with clout, that is all this country’s system has ever valued a black life for. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand racism, and some of you will never understand what it’s like to fear the people sworn to protect you. But a lack of shared experience, is no excuse for your inaction.

If I’m being honest, sometimes I feel like I live in a different world from my non black friends; simply put, it’s truly a tale of two cities. I remember bringing up a conversation about black lives matter once and they brushed it under the rug, as if the conversation that makes me scared to run around my neighbourhood is a topic not worth acknowledging. At that point, I felt that to the rest of society maybe I was not worth acknowledging. For this reason my heart aches for the black American mother. Because we live in a society where people do not see her treasures for what they are. Once they are brought into this world, she can only do so much, but even with all the compliance in the world yet their lives still aren’t guaranteed.

I do my best. Everything from the way I dress to the way we speak, must be cautioned, out of the fear that I might be perceived as a threat. Land of the brave, home of the free. Well that’s not our reality. But if it is yours, use your freedom to help us gain ours. A black child has the right to play with nerf guns like every other child does, they should be able to explore their country and walk the streets regardless of what neighbourhood they find themselves in, they deserve to graduate, have kids of their own and grow old; as is every human right.

(It is insane that many people could not speak here, or risk showing their identity because the threat from white supremacists is real and it's terrifying. It’s insane that my friends put Black lives matter posters around and they were taken down. It’s a shame that time and time again . No, it’s disgusting. But I’m not surprised because I know

As a generation so immersed in black culture, you must speak up. Don’t just parade the aspects of the black experience that fuel your parties, your tik toks and your urban fashion .We should embrace the rhythms of other cultures as well as their blues).

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